Stadium Kajang MRT Station

About the Station

Stadium Kajang MRT Station, the Mass Rapid Transit station in Kajang town center. The station is situated around the Kajang Stadium. The Station started operation on 16 December 2016.

The station has been built based on Side Platform architecture.

Station Facilities

• Lift
• Feeder bus
• Escalator
• Surau
• Shops

• Ticket Vending Machine
• Public Toilets
• Customer Service Office
• Side Platform

Entrances and Exit

The station has three entrances. The feeder buses operate from the station's feeder bus hub via Entrance A on Jalan Stadium.

Entrance Location Destination
A Jalan Stadium Feeder bus hub, taxi and private vehicle lay-by, Stadium Kajang, Sate Kajang Haji Samuri
B Lorong Mendaling Alleys behind Jalan Mendaling
C Jalan Stadium-Jalan Mendaling Crossroads Alternative entrance to Entrance A as it is located at the same side with Entrance A.

Kajang Town

Kajang, is a town in the eastern part of Selangor, Malaysia. Kajang is the district capital of Hulu Langat. It is located 21 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.

The current location gravity of growth in Kajang would be Sungai Chua. The total population of Kajang has grown rapidly in the past few years, with estimated population growth of 9% per annum. A few townships have been developed in Kajang, such as Taman Prima Saujana (straight from Jalan Cheras), Sungai Chua, Taman Kajang Perdana (Kajang Highlands).

Lately, many high-end developments has mushroomed in Kajang such as Twin Palms, Sri Banyan, Country Heights, Jade Hills and Prima Paramount.

Attractions Around

One of Kajang's landmarks is Stadium Kajang which is situated in the heart of the town. It is near to a popular hangout place among the locals named Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri, which is also home to the famous dish satay Kajang.

Informally, Kajang is known as the 'Satay Town' and is famous among tourists and locals alike. The most famous place to eat satay is Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri as well as Restoran Malaysia. People come from all over Malaysia to taste the satay here.

Another attraction is the Kajang Mosque or Masjid Kajang, which is easily recognizable by its bright yellow facade. The mosque was painted and decorated by a local wealthy man, Datuk Ujang bin Bagong, for the benefit of the local Muslims. The mosque is lively at night with Islamic activities.

MRT Feeder Bus Services

With the opening of the MRT Kajang Line, MRT feeder buses (T457, T458, T459, T460 and T464) has begun operating, linking the station with several housing areas and villages in and near Kajang.

T457 Stadium Kajang MRT Station <==> Perumahan Prima Saujana
T458 Stadium Kajang MRT Station <==> Taman Indah
T459 Stadium Kajang MRT Station <==> Taman Jasmin
T460 Stadium Kajang MRT Station <==> Taman Harmoni
T464 Stadium Kajang MRT Station <==> Teras Jernang

More information on MRT feeder buses.

Station Information

Station Code Station Name Address Operational Hours
KG34 Stadium Kajang Stesen Stadium Kajang
Jalan Kelab
43000 Kajang
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