Pasar Seni LRT Station

Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station - Walkway to KTM Komuter
Pasar Seni LRT Station - Kuala Lumpur KTM Komuter Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station - Walkway to Pasar Seni MRT Station
Pasar Seni LRT Station - Shops
Pasar Seni LRT Station - Shops

About the Station

The Pasar Seni LRT Station is an LRT station in Kuala Lumpur that is served by Rapid KL's Kelana Jaya Line. The Station was named after the neighbouring Central Market (Pasar Seni in Malay). This elevated LRT Station connect via a 65 meters paid-to-paid linkway with Pasar Seni MRT Station.

The first operation of Kelana Jaya Line commenced on 1 September 1998 between Subang Depot to Pasar Seni Station and and phase two, between Pasar Seni Station to Terminal Putra in June 1999. Terminal Putra now known as Gombak LRT Station.

Pasar Seni LRT Station is situated in Kuala Lumpur, north from the commercial center of the city along Jalan Sultan Mohamad. The KA02 Kuala Lumpur Station which the KTM Komuter serves, is a 400 metres walk away. The roads and areas surrounding this LRT Station serve as important bus terminals and Petaling Street is within walking distance.

Pasar Seni LRT Station is also one of the main bus hub for RapidKL. The bus hub is also referred to by the public as Terminal Jalan Sultan Mohamad as both bus hubs are located next to each other.

There is a linkway connects the Pasar Seni MRT Station concourse level with the concourse level of the this LRT Station, allowing convenient transfer for the commuters between two stations.

Station Facilities

• Island Platform
• Escalator & Lift
• Public Toilets
• Shops
• Bus Hub

• Ticket Vending Machine
• Customer Service Office
• Drinks Vending Machine
• KTM Komuter & MRT Interchange

Platform Architecture

As an elevated station, Pasar Seni Station contains two levels: The access points at street level, and the ticket area and adjoining platforms on the two elevated levels. All levels are linked via stairways, escalators and elevators designated for disabled passengers.

The Station uses a single island platform for trains travelling in both directions of the line, and is entirely sheltered by a gabled roof supported by latticed frames.

Entrances and Exit

Pasar Seni LRT Station has a total of 5 entrances/exits - Entrance A at Jalan Sultan and Entrance B at Jalan Sultan Mohamed, both belong to the Pasar Seni MRT Station. Entrance C is the given name for the paid-to-paid pedestrian link bridge between the LRT and MRT stations and it is unable to access from outside. Entrance D at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock while Entrance E at the direct link to the KTM Komuter KA02 Kuala Lumpur Station from / to the LRT Station.

Station Information

Station ID  KJ14 
Address Jalan Sultan Mohamad, Kuala Lumpur
Lines Kelana Jaya Line
Platforms Single Island Platform
Tracks Dual Tracks
Parking Unavailable
Tickets Ticketing Counters & Vending Machines
Station Open 06:00 am
Station Closed 12:00 am (Mon - Sat) / 11:30 pm (Sunday & PH)
Last Train to Gombak 12:15 am (Mon - Sat) / 11:45 pm (Sunday & PH)
Last Train to Putra Height 12:04 am (Mon - Sat) / 11:46 pm (Sunday & PH)
Interchange KTM Komuter Kuala Lumpur (KA02) / MRT Pasar Seni (KG16)

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