Ipoh KTM Railway Station

About The Station

The Ipoh KTM Railway Station is a KTM train station located at and named after the City of Ipoh, Perak. It serves as the main railway terminal for the state of Perak. The Station offering KTM ETS services, as well as handling freight trains.

The Ipoh Railway Station was initially meant to be a hospital and used before the 20th century as such before being turned into a station. The original completion year of 1917 was delayed for three years due to lack of construction materials as well as high costs during World War I.

Like the Kuala Lumpur station, the Ipoh station were designed and constructed by Arthur Benison Hubback, a British architectural assistant to the Director of Public Works. Having served in India, Hubback utilised his knowledge of Anglo-Asian architecture in the region on the station's design. The "Neo-Moorish/Mughal/Indo-Saracenic/Neo-Saracenic" style was not uncommon at the time.

As part of KTM's double tracking and electrification project between Ipoh and Rawang, the Ipoh station was significant renovated over the course of the 2000s (decade). Prominently, the platform area was completely rebuilt and modernised to level the platforms' height with entrances to train carriages as well as accommodate the newly laid double track and overhead lines (these included replacement of the original underground tunnels between platforms and steel-and-wood pitched canopies with an overhead bridge and curving metal canopies).

The Ipoh Station was used as a shooting location for the film Anna and the King, starring Jodie Foster.

Station Facilities

• Side Platform
• Public Toilets
• Car Park
• Shops

• Ticket Vending Machine
• Customer Service Office
• Drinks Vending Machine

Station Information

Station Name Ipoh KTM Railway Station
Address Ipoh, Perak
Platforms 4 Side Platforms
Tracks Nine Tracks
Parking Available
Tickets Ticketing Counters & Vending Machines
Enquiry No 1 300 88 KTMB (5862) / +603 2267 1200 (Overseas)
Email callcenter@ktmb.com.my

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