Pulau Sebang / Tampin KTM Komuter Station

About The Station

The Pulau Sebang / Tampin Railway Station is a train station on the West Coast Line, located at and named after the town of named after the bordering towns of Pulau Sebang, Malacca and Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. The Station itself is situated in Malaccan territory, being one of the two stations on the West Coast Line that serves the state of Malacca, the other being Batang Melaka.

The Station is served by the KTM ETS, KTM Intercity and KTM Komuter's Seremban Line. The Station is the southern terminus of the Seremban Line and the western terminus for Intercity services from JB Sentral.

Station Facilities

• Island Platform
• Public Toilets
• Car Park

• Ticket Vending Machine
• Customer Service Office
• Drinks Vending Machine

Station Information

Station ID  KB17 
Address Pulau Sebang, Melaka
Lines Seremban Line (KTM Komuter)
Platforms 2 Island Platforms
Tracks Quad Tracks
Parking Available
Tickets Ticketing Counters & Vending Machines
Counter Open 5.00 am - 10.30 pm

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